Creating Online Presence

Many people have captured amazing pictures, created amazing videos or have created entertainment that they unfortunately have not been able to broadcast to the world, therefore they lack in being influential in their field. To fix a problem like that and to help people with ideas to get those ideas to everyone, people created social media apps that help connect people or create a “community”. this community allows people to share their photos, videos or even thoughts, all under one app.

For a film maker i doubt that it is easy to have an online presence especially when hardly anyone has seen your work. the usage of social media apps will make it much easier and faster to build a reputation. Many of these apps allow your account to have a following of people who in a way are subscribed to your page.

Instagram could be a good social network to help build a film-makers reputation as it is more of a visual social network than a text type of social network. On Instagram, people’s uploads are presented on the ‘news feed’ . Every person that follows you will see your uploads on their news feed and one of the great things is that, the amount of followers an account has can range from 0 to somewhere in the millions, and maybe even beyond. Instagram has the ability to upload videos too but only for 15 seconds, this could be advantageous as the film-maker could want to upload a trailer for one of his/her short movies. Another feature on Instagram is the ‘explore’ page. this displays pictures/videos from people who have similar followers to you, this is another way of good exposure and would get more people seeing your page. Another is Facebook. Facebook has the option to share what people upload. By doing this, can easily share around a film-maker’s work without the receiver having to follow or have the film-maker as a friend on Facebook.

But as everyone knows, no body will share something that they don’t feel people need or would like to see. Now you’re thinking of what do people want to share or what content could you (the film-maker) create that people would want to share in order to get your online influence higher. Make sure what you’re sharing is really good content, so this means you have to do your research. Finding out what is relevant right now or looking at the trends. Market your posts across many different social platforms, when doing this also make it easy for your readers/viewers to get linked to your social platforms. If what you post is likeable, funny, or eye catching then you are more likely to receive a wider audience and have a greater presence online.

As a film maker a strong brand image is important and people need to recognise your work. Having a strong online presence is important because it helps to reinforce your brand. Social media is also a good way to communicate with your customers because it allows them to message or get in contact with you easily. Apps such as twitter allow you to have good loyal customers because it allows you to gain a large amount of readers, meaning that people are paying attention . But it is very important to ensure that you also communicate with your readers and earn their trust so that sharing your content is something of second nature to them. But don’t be that person who stays on one application. Be on a variety of them, branch from social networks to social streaming or social blogging. Websites are a good way to help build an online presence because your website is a place where people can come to find more information about what you have to offer. From your website they would be able to find ways to contact you or where to find your posts.

Another great platform to present your films is cahootify. Now you’re likely thinking what is Cahootify? well Cahootify is a platform for the creative industries for film makers to display their skills. It is designed to help film makers create projects. What Cahootify does is help create a project portfolio  which then helps you as they can introduce you to people and show them the projects you have worked on. Cahootify also seeks opportunities for you with other projects whether they are paid or collaborative. The benefit of all this is that it is free but of course Cahootify offers premium features which they may charge at a cost. A film maker could use Cahootify to get their idea started and produced into something and by using other social networks like twitter, Instagram or a blog is useful because that is where you can promote or market your content. Cahootify being teamed based project is advantageous for a film maker on the rise as you may be paired with more experienced film makers or the others you work with could inspire new ideas.

Creating a strong online presence is not an overnight thing and will take time but following these steps could maker it easier than what you think it is:

  1. Be social: ensure you have an online social account that you can regularly post and interact on.Communicating with your readers helps build trust and will keep them coming back.
  2. Good Content: ensure that what you upload is good and interesting enough to secure the viewers attention span. This does not mean that only your content must be good enough to share, sometimes think about what your viewers would like to see regardless of it it is your own work or not. Sharing other’s works will show your readers that you aren’t selfish but supportive and that could widen your audience.
  3. Be an active blogger: You should be blogging about your new short films, clips and everything you’re planning on releasing. Keeping your readers up to date with upcoming things is important because it will give them something fresh to read and will keep them interested and have them waiting for the announcements.
  4. Include media: Including media makes your posts more attractive and inviting to read. Also, not everyone enjoys to read text so media can make it more understandable and be a better explanation. As well as that, it makes your content more interactive. So when explaining your new ideas, include snippets to give the reader a visual explanation too.

There are so many ways to create a good online presence and one way to check your online presence is Klout. Social media has made the world smaller and easier for each individual to connect to one another. Cahootify is a great way for a film maker to showcase their work and get jump started in building a online presence. Social networks like twitter or Instagram create a fanbase and the more relevant and shareable your content is the bigger your online presence will be. Cahootify is a great way to build an online influence, it has great team work and opportunities to work with high profile people in the film/entertainment industry because it helps to showcase your projects. So as a film maker on the rise i personally recommend that you join cahootify and other social networking platforms to help build your online presence.



Infrographic! how about info-Gainz


Hey there guys! Here’s some quick info that i thought i’d quickly comply for you. Fitness is a major issue and it is important that our body’s perform at the rate that it is meant to. this will allow us to fully optimise our physical abilities and help bring sanity to the stress of day to day life. ENJOY!

How to avoid overeating at christmas


Christmas is always a lovely time. But, during this time our mouths are exposed to such delcious tastes and smells that it almost becomes impossible not to dive in the all the greatness before your eyes. Sadly, we all come to the plateu where our stomachs have reached their limit and we cannot force down any more delighful treats! and in my opinion, theres nothing worse than not being able to eat delcious food!


i am going to give you all some quick tips on how to avoid overeating and how to get more food in.


The best way to prevent overeating on Christmas Day is to have a filling and healthy breakfast. This ensures that the induvidual does not arrive to the dinner table starving and gunning to eat everything in sight.



At Christmas lunch, it’s not the amount of food you eat but the energy density of your choices that counts. The key is not to restrict yourself to the blandest options ( ‘B’ is for Christmas night binge), but to combine your reasonable portions of your favourite energy-dense foods with tasty foods lower in energy (e.g., salad). IN PRACTICE: “Fill half your plate with non-starchy vegetables like broccoli, carrot, asparagus, salad, mushrooms, cauliflower and zucchini. These vegetables are low in calories and will fill you up with great nutrition,” Simpson says. Keep your main protein, such as turkey, to a quarter of the plate and choose skin-free options (that does mean removing the pork crackling). To jazz it up, add a smear of cranberry sauce or teaspoon of gravy. Spoon, not gravy boat.


The human body is still under going grueling construction in attempts to discover our physical limitation. to be huge and lean is counter intuitive to science itself but that does not make it an impossible thing. Bodybuilding puts the average person off from going to the gym as most people fear that they too will become monstrously huge and many find that very unattractive. But, people fail to realize that when bodybuilding was first created size meant nothing, aesthetics meant everything, to look like an ancient Greek god gave those with a similar physique the opportunity to feel less than a fraction of what it is like to be aesthetic.



Cooking is time consuming and we would all rather eat something that’s quick and great tasting. But think, after you’ve ate that burger and your cravings have subsided ask yourself this: was it worth it? could all that money you spend in shops and quick take-outs be used more efficiently on a balanced diet?



Our body works like a machine and we need to correct screws and bolts to keep us running at optimum levels. regular training and a good diet will make any one feel better and happier and a bad diet, well look at that word ‘bad’ and begin to think what things associate with bad, yeah i thought so. Weekly shopping of healthy food saves so much money at the end of the day and its so much better for your body too.

This is simple but people make it out to be way more complicated than it is, if you wanna live a long happy life, take an hour out of it to create a healthy lifestyle then you will live the rest of you day like a God.

The taxonomy’s and folksonomy’s of YouTube


YouTube was founded by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim on the 14 February 2005. Throughout the last 10 years YouTube has become a world phenomenon and has acquired a staggering 1 billion users, which is almost a third of all people on the internet. Just to put YouTube’s success into comparison, on mobile devices alone YouTube reaches more 18-49 year olds than any cable network in the US. Now this information is gathered by YouTube users alone which means many people do not have YouTube accounts therefore the Stats could be even larger if it was to account for these non-interactive users.

As of June 2012 60 hours of video was uploaded every minute on average. Now because this information is 3 years out of date and YouTube’s audience has grown substantially we can only imagine how many videos are uploaded every minute as of date. So what does this mean for content creators on YouTube? How do they get they’re videos noticed? Based on my past experience on YouTube being a content creator and some background research, YouTube’s Taxonomy also referred to as YouTube’s algorithm determines what videos turn up in the search bar. When a user decides to upload a video to YouTube there are multiple fields for them to fill in, these include: A title, a description box, the category of the video, tags and options to add custom thumbnails. All of these fields combine to put your video in the search results, however just because you fill in these fields it doesn’t mean your video will be a “hit”, and saying that it may not even get any views at all. This is because YouTube’s taxonomy/ algorithm works in certain ways, it wants the “best” content to show up first, but is what YouTube defines as “best” actually the best? Simple answer is no, YouTube categorize the most relevant/ best video based on the search results by how interactive your video is. The interactivity I mentioned is based on how many likes and comments the creator receives on the video, therefore the more likes and comments the higher your video will appear on the search bar.

Folksonomy’s of YouTube.

We have already discussed the taxonomy’s of YouTube and many other things, now I think it’s important we outline and explain the folksonomy’s. There isn’t much that can be said but the main ones are playlists and likes & dislikes. With all the videos on YouTube, the process of finding your favourite videos can be a hassle, fear not, playlists are ways that you can organise and categorize your favourite videos for your personal satisfaction. This categorization allows you to split or group your videos and can be done in: genres, or even how you feel i.e. a happy playlist with upbeat music or a ‘chilled’ playlist with more relaxing music, it all depends on you. Likes and Dislikes also play an important role, when the individual likes a video, the video has the opportunity to climb the YouTube ranking and earn its place on the first line of videos when YouTube has been opened. An Individual liking or disliking a video is a folksonomy because it is a form of categorization and offers a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ type of grouping.

Super Saiyan!


To all my Anime brothers and sisters who are part of the the fitness world i am sure i can count on you all to agree that Dragon Ball Z is where most of our fitness dreams began. before this we were all probably small little tadpoles who had no direction in fitness but after the episode where Goku becomes a Super Saiyan for the first time our minds had been completely blown. A lean, ripped, well proportioned physiue is what the characters  generally had. their physiues supported them in their ability to fight their opponents and lets all be honest, a huge ripped physique looks powerful and so Cool! so lets all apprecciate this man here! For making me want to be more than average ever since 1997. Whats your reason?


Oringinal Photo here:

Son Goku By Rod-20

3 Great Pieces of Online Content

Tamer El Shahat the Egyptian bodybuilding athelte is now on the rise. Not only being an IFBB Pro he is also the African, Arabian & Mediterranean bodybuilding champion. He placed 1st and won the overall title for the Muscle Mania world championships.His symmetry is breath taking and that is what sets him apart from other compeitors as it is rarely seen in today’s bodybuilding circles. in 2008 a video of Tamer was uploaded onto youtube and 7years later has been viwed more than 100millon times, but his video has more dislikes than likes and the question is WHY? could it be that some people found is biceps ugly or unattractive? were people displeased by the striations or muscle seperation? that we will never know but what we do know is that when spectators go to bodybuilding shows they arent going to view your average fitness instructor, no they want BIG HUGE MONSTERS, they want to see freaks and hardcore gym men!


The New Kid on the Block! this Young man has changed Indian history by winning the International Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation in June, not only that but he has also won two back to back IBFF titles that has now put him in the ranks of Murli Kumar, Sangram Chouguli, Suhas Khamkar and Amit Chheti and now is looking foward to competing in the olympia.

Now i know you’ve probably been through many supplements in hopes and search for ‘the one’ brand that truly lets you reach your true physical form. do not be misguided or misled, realise that creatine is one of, if not, the greatest supplement, even said so by

Aesthetics VS Pure Beast


Art or Monstrosity?

its been nearly over 40years since Arnod competed and bodybuilding has evolved. the physiques have grew, become wider and bigger. back in the day it was all about having a small waist and being able to vacum the stomach, as knowledge on the human body has grew, so have the muslces. Now do you think the sport is heading in a positive direction? are we all so concered about being so swoll that we have forgotten the essence and beauty of the sport? even the posing has changed, compare Ed corny or Francis Benfatto’s posing to that of a modern athelete, the ‘flui’ movement has long gone and now they are stiff. the proportion has been lost, now they have 30inch necks and 18 inch calves, the aesthetic beauty has long gone as now they all have hulk like physique. is that what is required to go beat mode? to look like a huge wild orge? i do not mean to offend my fellow brothers in the iron game but simply say do you guys really need to be that big?

lets compare Arnold to Ronnie: as you can see arnold has a flat stomach, if you pay close attention you can see his obliques are normal where as ronnie’s look swollen or inflamed. now the most evident; Arnold’s legs vs ronnie’s, CLEARLY ronnie’s legs are HUGE compared to Arnold’s,, im sure Ronnie cant wear jeans anymore or fit into any trousers, now im not throwing any shade towards Ronnie as i think he has achieved an amazing physique and managed to win the Olympia 8 times but has thrown away his aesthetics.

so ladies and gentleman, who are you with? classic or modern bodybuilding.


this has been out for about 2 years now, covering our new age gladiators also covering the Olympia competition. in my opinion this gives us an understanding of the gruling training that the olympians go under when prepping for this show, especially now since everyone has a hulk like physique. also, i find it educating and certainly gave me a different view on training techniques and eating routines.

The Austrian Oak


The King. Arnold Schwarzenegger began his glorious career when he was in the army, defied his superiors and ran away to step on stage for the first time, thus begining his legacy as the world’s greatest bodybuilder. Now, i’m not going to talk too much about his life as i’m sure we all know all the things that arnold has achieved, i just wanted to point out that Arnold never gave up or allowed people to limit him, he broke the barriers that people set and achieved so much in his lifetime and is still doing so now. from Bodybukding to acting to governing, he conqured. So people do just that, all your dreams and goals? do whatever it takes to reach them, remain hungry at all times,becuase the wolf at the bottom of the hill is hungrier than the wolf at the top. Conquer

Who do you think the world’s greatest bodybuilder is?


throughout the decades there have been many men that have stepped on the olympic stage, but an elite few have been capable of maintaining the title for many consecutive years, but the question is, who was the closest to being a monument to physical perfection.

Joe Weider, founder of the International Federation Of Bodybuilding created the Mr Olympia event, and as said before the winner of that show was not only the Champion Bodybuilder of the most prestigious bodybuilding event but also was said to have the greatest physique in the world. (in my opinion it’s impossible to come to that conclusion as there are millions of god-like physiques that are still to be discovered.